Just more

tshIf you think about it, many of the things that bother persons with ASD are also disliked by the general population. We tend to notice, or worse, while most people don’t seem to mind. This means that any changes to facilitate our life would also have a positive effect on everyone else’s. A few examples: devise better, clearer, more rational signage for places like train stations or airports. Reduce, or eliminate, sound clutter in public spaces (in many cities there are huge TVs, with sound, to advertise stuff). Make tear-off (or printed) labels for clothing: this seems to be an issue with neurotypicals too. Some of them would also appreciate slow pedestrian lanes on sidewalks, or removing cold lighting, such as Neon, from public spaces, indoors or otherwise.

The reason for this I find very interesting: people on the spectrum are over-sensitive to stimuli. This means that the negative sensation is there for everyone, but we feel it more. The labels are a perfect example.

Once again, it seems to me that this imperfect world needs us – badly. It doesn’t know it yet, for a very simple reason: people outside the spectrum are notoriously under-sensitive to stimuli.