The fine art of not caring

One of the most difficult things for persons with Asperger’s Syndrome is learning not to care. Since details are often very important to me, sometimes I tend to be upset about a bunch of things at once. Sometimes very small things, irrelevant to most people, things I shouldn’t care about, sand in the mechanism. But I care. I should know better than to care when I see a comment I don’t like on social media, and sometimes I manage to. But other times I don’t – because I care. That’s really hard to let go, become more impermeable, lighter. The worst thing is that, just like dope addicts, I always find a good reason to give a fuck today, and maybe quit tomorrow. But I shouldn’t. My problem is: where do I draw the line? Because another trait of persons with AS (very strong with me) is being slightly absolute. Se for me is either care about EVERYTHING or don’t care at all. Which would be ok if I was a drug addict but it doesn’t work with caring. The keywords here are balance and moderation: sports I’ve never been really good at.